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Best Clicker Games

Pizza Clicker
Pizza Clicker
3,247 Plays
Business Simulator
Business ..
5,859 Plays
Cat Clicker MLG
Cat Clicker MLG
4,534 Plays
Monster Clicker
Monster Clicker
2,729 Plays
Ultimate Clicker Squad
Ultimate ..
1,772 Plays
Clicker Heroes
Clicker Heroes
3,596 Plays
Learn to Fly Idle
Learn to Fly ..
4,462 Plays
Idle Power
Idle Power
1,687 Plays
Dungeon Clicker
Dungeon Clicker
2,318 Plays
Heroes of the Sword
Heroes of the ..
1,137 Plays
Addiction Solitaire
Addiction ..
999 Plays
Poop Clicker Unblocked
Poop Clicker ..
3,246 Plays
Hero Clicker
Hero Clicker
1,419 Plays
Brave Squad
Brave Squad
1,286 Plays
Pick Crafter
Pick Crafter
4,615 Plays


Foot Ninja 2
Play Foot Ninja 2 Unblocked game on-line free [...]
713 Plays
Stealth Bound Level Pack
You’ll want each trick within the ebook in an [...]
865 Plays


Gold Glutton
How a lot treasure will this tomb raider take [...]
637 Plays
Stone Age Car Adventure
Yabba dabba doo! This game rocks!
817 Plays


petss war
- Explain From the Game
322 Plays
pirate golf adventure
- Explain From the Game
324 Plays

Board Game

Cake madness
576 Plays
Vegas Bingo
Hit among the world’s most fun bingo halls on [...]
530 Plays


Megaboy template for present tips on how to t [...]
470 Plays
Menu Effect
Menu Effect simplesCapx : [...]
499 Plays


super mario bomb adventure
Super Mario Bomb Adventure options the brothe [...]
189 Plays
mario xtreme escape 2
Are you able to escape from every stage That' [...]
254 Plays


Digital Clash Arena
In the meantime into the longer term, deep in [...]
897 Plays
Ninja Panda Couple
Are you able to beat this coaching course and [...]
1,143 Plays


Metal Slug
Metal Slug is an online primarily based retro [...]
3,464 Plays
SAS Zombie Assault 3
Battle off the horde throughout the superior [...]
4,046 Plays


Stick Figure Badminton
Play Stick Figure Badminton Unblocked at our [...]
2,074 Plays
Right here you possibly can play full unblock [...]
5,824 Plays

Welcome to Clicker Games Unblocked

Here on, our goal is to present popular idle incremental games like cookie clicker & Clicker Heroes for those who are addicted to play these kind of games. You can play hundreds of unblocked clicker games at our website. You can join our website from any where, You can play from your home, school, university and even from office. We are not only sharing clicker games, but we are offering thousands of other famous unblocked games as well. If you like our website and games we are providing on this platform then don't forget to follow our social profile to stay up to date about upcoming games. We'd also setup a rating system for our visitors. If you like or dislike any game, then don't forget to rate our games. Your feedback is very important for us. We will analyze rating you'll give on games at our website and will post more popular games in popular categories. If you can't access this website in school due to blocked network than you can try riddle school unblocked games which you can easily access from any school network.

Introduction to Clicker Games

Clicker Games are kind of games in which you can use mouse clicking to accomplish goals and achievements. As an example, we have posted a famous game known as "Poop Clicker Unblocked". In this game, all you have to is to kill the monsters by pressing your left mouse key rapidly. The more monsters you kill, the more points you'll get. You can compete with your friends and compare your scores with your friends. There are two type of clicker games we are providing here which are Simple Clicker Games and Idle Clicker Games.

Simple Clicker Games

These are the games in which you need to control your mouse movement and clicking speed at the same time. You have to complete different task by pressing left mouse key on different objects rapidly at a fast speed. The faster you cover an object the more points you will get.

Idle Clicker Games

These are different games than simple clicker games. In these games you don't need to focus on movement on mouse but you have to pay attention to clicking speed of your mouse. These games are perfect for beginners as they can only focus on just clicking anywhere in the game console. You can read more about Idle Incremental Games.

How to Play Clicker Games Like Cookie Clicker

As we've mentioned earlier, clicker games are developed in perspective of improving mouse using skills, so these games are not tough to play at all. While playing these games, we are providing you an amazing game console window with all the game instructions and customize-able settings as well. To increase your interest in these unblocked games, we've added amazing music and quality graphics so that you can enjoy playing these games as much as you can. These games are very interesting, so we advise you to play these games when you have some free time. You can play our games either on laptop or personal computer. Any operating system will work for these games.

To play clicker games, you must have any of above mentioned devices, an internet connection and a mouse. All of our games are about mouse clicking so mouse is compulsory while playing these games. To play a game scroll down to game section and click on any game of your choice. When you'll navigate to second page, wait for 10 to 15 seconds to load the game. Once the loading is done, you will be notified. Before playing any game, read all the instruction about game under the game section and start playing game according to those instruction. It's all about gaining points and achievements. Join our community and share our website with your friends. Share your experiences, achievements and scores at our official discussion forum.

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